Sunday, 24 July 2016

Birds Learn to FLY by Falling

To succeed, we have to take risk. We have to take bold leaps and move forward, brave and scared shitless at the same time. We will undoubtedly fall flat on our face. It happens. But we learn, make adjusments and fall not as far the next time. None of that is failure. Here’s what is: When we fall to trust ourselves to take that leap in the first place, and use that as an excuse to indulge our fear. When we believe that we are not,in fact, talented or worthy enough. When we believe tha our crappy yet comfortable circumstances should win. This particular lack of mommentum is called “business as usual”, and it will crush our plans for greatness. 

We don’t fail by falling. We only fail when we stop taking the leap.

Bird wisdom paraphrased form the poet Rumi

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