Monday, 18 February 2013

Festival Jenang Solo 2013

Jenang Festival is an annual event held in the city of Solo in order to enliven the anniversary of Solo, which was centered in the corridor Ngarsopuro on February 17, 2013, on the anniversary of Solo 268.
This Jenang Festival will distribute 15 thousand pincuk traditional porridge or gruel Solo free of charge to people in this city.

Jenang is kind of food which cannot be separated in cultural life of Javanese people. It has been merged in several traditional ceremonies such as in the celebration of the birth of the new baby, birthday party, opening and closing ceremony of event. Jenang which is also commonly known as dodol is the symbol of thankfulness to God, so it is offered in important ceremonies. However, jenang is also common to be eaten daily though there is no essential purpose or event. It can be enjoyed in the form of snack and even as a feast. It is popular in several cities in Indonesia like Kudus (Jenang Kudus),  Garut (Dodol Garut), Malang (Dodol Apel Malang), and in Solo.

It is typically sweet food; made by rice flour, coconut milk, granulated sugar, brown sugar and salt. Now people are more innovative by adding fruits as ingredients like apple, durian, and jack fruit. It becomes more tempting since sometimes it is mixed with chocolates.

The ingredients are put in a crock. Javanese people commonly make it in potter crock. Along four hours, the ingredients are cooked in the top of small fire. Those have to be mixed and stirred without any pause during cooking for resulting best result: no scorched part, no crust left. Indeed, making jenang is tiring. Yes, somehow it is the art of this food.

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