Friday, 8 June 2012

Levitation Photography

I know about levitation photography when I visited my friend's photo studio, and I gave the idea for ​​doing a jump shot, but he told it's not happening now. There's a  levitation photography, which looks like a model is flying like a superhero. The model like drift naturally and not contrived.

levitation is the process by which a floating object against gravity in a stable position. Ultimately provide the inspiration for the photographer to make a photography technique called levitation photography.

people who popular introducing this technique is Natsumi Hayashi, check out her blog here ->
These of her photos :

levitation is also growing up in Indonesia, follow @LevitasiHore on twitter or check they tumblr here ->

Tips in photography levitation based on the :

1. Photographic levitation different with Jump Shot. Levitation must show that the model seemed to drift naturally without too much facial expression.

2. Photo levitation without editing can be done with professional cameras (DSLR) or a regular camera (camera phones, pocket cam)

3. Levitation photos with DSLR cameras, can take advantage of Burst Mode (Continuous Shooting). With a single press of the shutter button, directly resulted in several shots at once. The photos snapped by the Burst Mode can be selected from DSLR cameras which have the most fitting moment "float"

4. Levitation Photography can be performed by non-professional camera, but it is more tricky because it relies on the accuracy of the model press the shutter button while jumping. Ensure adequate light, so shadows are formed so that the effects of drift models are more visible.

5. Use a high shutter speed to capture the floating models with more focus (freeze motion). Enough light plays an important role to obtain high speed shutter.
Use a low angle, so that high-flying model looks.

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