Thursday, 5 April 2012

You Think You Know But Have No Idea

god, you must be mad at me or something ..
then why did you let this happen to me?

i faced with a difficult situation, i had to choose one, not two, but one. 
This is not an easy thing.
we never ended our relationship for three years. 
don't judge me if i'm bad, i'm sure all of you have a good heart,
before you judge me, try to ask yourself first, have you ever, or being or maybe you 'will' do something that i encountered.

This is natural, life process. 

in my decision, there is a strength, in which hemm there is a conviction. what kind of belief?
note this guys, women has a very keen sense of smell, sharp-sniffing Labrador Restrivier Psychotropic Drugs. i could feel or smell something odd in our relationship.

You will not understand what it is. 
you see from what appeared to be present.
 You think you know but have no idea. 

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