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Indonesian Traditional Food

I want to tell some delicious traditional Indonesian food. From Sabang to Merauke.(The beginning to the end of territory of Indonesia)

previously, most people in Indonesia like rice as a staple food, they eat it all the time, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. There is a joke That says, even if you have a loaf of bread Eaten, you are still hungry. It's gotta be rice!
Indonesian people always eat with a platefull of rice and a piece of chicken, or fish, or eggs and "sambal" (chillie souce). Indonesians like to eat hot (as in spicy) food. some tourists thought the food is more spicy than Mexican Food, they say, this is HOT.
so, here they are, some delicious traditional Indonesian food.

1. Mie Aceh

Noodles with a rich concoction of herbs and spices spicy flavor to really show off the tongue. Shtttt ... you can addicted ! Chili marinade consisting of (high quality), garlic and hazelnut in the dominant number. Then added a little onion and peanut, all the spices were finely ground and will be colored red.

Cook it depends on taste. There are three models of the cooking, most people call it with cooked noodles, fried noodles and fried noodles. All three have a different flavor.

 water is needed when cooking noodles are cooked with cow bones, such as soup, with a little added salt. Cooked in the pot, first entered the water and then seasoning and a little chopped cabbage or sprouts and scallions. Inserted afterwards yellow noodles. Put a little vinegar and soy sauce. It takes about 2 minutes to cook a single portion of noodles in Aceh.

As a complement, can also be cooked with a mix of meat or shrimp or crab.Guaranteed to taste more delicious. Mie Aceh mulieng served with crackers and sliced ​​red onion and pickled pepper CABI also cucumber

Mie Aceh can be found in Serambi of Mecca. Almost all provide a menu of noodle stalls Aceh. It was just different depending on the customer's tongue, but in the same general. Typical is the yellow noodles using large noodles and chili seasoning dominant.

is looming how spicy this noodle, hu hah

Price: Rp.14.000-15 000 (the price of five feet)

2. Bika Ambon (North Sumatra)

Bika Ambon is a type of confectionery from Indonesia. Made from ingredients such as eggs, sugar, and coconut milk. Bika Ambon origin is unknown. Although the name contains the word "Ambon", bika ambon precisely known as by-the typical city of Medan, North Sumatra. Bika Ambon can usually survive in the best condition for about four days because after that the cake starts to harden.

bika ambon

Price: 30,000 100,000

3. Rendang Padang (West Sumatra)

Almost every people of Indonesia know rendang, beef curry dish typical Minang.Culinary icon of the Minang realm ranks 11th in the world of delicious food. These foods will have a culinary must be maintained. Rendang is one of Indonesia culinary icons that can be acceptable to all layers. Vertically preferably young and old from all walks of life and horizontally can also be accepted tongue of all nations,

rendang padang

Price: Rp.9.000
RP100.000-500.000 for the price of rendang in packaging.

4. Tempoyak

Tempoyak is cooking that comes from fermented durian fruit. Can be eaten directly, a cooking spice or rice can also be friends.
In Indonesia, tempoyak was found in Sumatra and Kalimantan, are usually made by the Malays and Dayaks. In Malaysia, tempoyak is common and ordinary into complementary materials such as sauce dishes. slightly sour smell of durian. It felt good, somewhat sweet and slightly salty tamarind. When fried, remove the scent completely. For those who are allergic to the smell of durian, this might be tortured


Price: Rp.40.000/kg

5. Pempek (South Sumatra)

Pempek or Empek-empek Palembang is a typical food made from fish and sago.Presentation pempek accompanied by a sauce of black brownish-called vinegar or cuko (Palembang language). Cuko made from the boiled water, then add brown sugar, shrimp, dried shrimp and crushed chili, garlic, and salt. For indigenous communities Palembang, cuko than once made spicy to increase appetite. But as the influx of migrants from outside the island of Sumatra is now commonly found cuko with a sweet taste for those who do not like spicy. Cuko can protect teeth from caries (damage to enamel and dentin). Because in one liter of solution gravy pempek there is usually 9-13 ppm fluoride. a complement to the distinctive taste of this meal is a slice of fresh cucumber dice and yellow noodles.


Price: 5,000, 20 000

6. Asam Pedas Ikan Patin curry (Riau)

Who is stronger look sour spicy catfish curry dishes, especially for those who've tasted this Culinary Typical-Riau. Fish curry and Patin Asam Pedas Ikan Patin is the typical cuisine Pekanbaru Riau. Almost in every restaurant in the city of Pekanbaru provides a menu of Curried Fish and Asam Pedas Ikan Patin Patin. Enjoyment of eating Curried Fish Patin Asam Pedas is when served warm, spicy and savory kick to make the tongue swaying. Catfish meat feels soft on the tongue in saluti with cooking that seep into the flesh of fish. Catfish curry will be more pronounced when combined with the delicious taste of white rice that will be filling the stomach.

Asam pedas ikan patin

price: 15,000, 50 000

7. Otak-Otak (Banten)

Otak-otak are the foods of Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia made of fish (usually Spanish mackerel) wrapped in banana leaves and baked. Southern city of Malaysia, Muar is famous for its otak-otak. In Indonesia alone, the otak-otak are often found in some areas like the north coast of Java.
Otak-otak are made of fish meat, mashed and seasoned. Furthermore, the fish is placed back into the skin of the fish which is then boiled or baked wrapped in banana leaves.These foods can be eaten alone or accompanied with spicy sour sauce.


Price: Rp.1000-5000/pieces

8. Sop Kaki Kambing (Jakarta)

This is my favorite food, the main uniqueness of this lies the secret spice in the broth that was tasty, sweet, salty and fresh at the same time. Meat, tongue, soft bones up with torpedoes can we united according to taste. don't forget the blend of spices are put together with gravy and choice of meat is perfect on the tongue.For those of you who like the spicy flavor, can add a sauce or spicy pickles that taste more savory.

sop kaki kambing

price: 15000-30000 

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